Picture this: It’s June 1st, 2009 and General Motors is announcing their bankruptcy following the start of the great recession in the United States. One of the multiple brands they decide to discontinue as part of the announcement is Hummer. Green energy and electric vehicle advocates worldwide jump for joy at the news. The gas-guzzler which had skirted EPA requirements for fuel-economy ratings due to its heavy gross vehicle weight was now headed to the grave.

Fast forward 10 years to October 18th, 2019. Reuters has reported on GM’s new move into electric vehicles. A move that may include reviving the Hummer as an EV. Those same green energy and electric vehicle advocates wince at the news and those few remaining gas-loving owners of H2s and H3s can’t make sense of any of it.

A little over a month later, Elon Musk takes to the stage to unveil the Tesla Cybertruck. The Cybertruck shatters all current beliefs of what an EV should look like and polarizes Tesla fans, a previously homogenously-minded group.

Before the Cybertruck event, it would have been easier to write a piece about GM’s “doomed” electric Hummer, if they choose to pursue it. But with the mixed reaction to Tesla’s Cybertruck, it’s hard to tell if GM was truly off-base with their electric Hummer idea, or if they might be on to something. Maybe there is a consumer that wants a massive, mean-looking, arguably ugly car that stands out on the street amongst a sea of SUVs and sedans. But can GM ever shake the baggage the Hummer name brings?

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