Tesla Model 3 wearing a Santa Hat surrounded by Presents

‘Tis the season to buy tons of gifts for your friends and loved ones to prove that you care about them. If you have acquaintances who are Tesla Model 3, Model X, or even future Model Y or Cybertruck owners, you’re in luck! We’ve put together an exhaustive list of gift ideas, ranging from the funny and cheap to the plain lavish and everything in between.

Funny and Cheap Tesla Gifts (Under $20)

Non-slip foot pedals ($15 on Amazon)

Get these pedals for your friends who own a Tesla Model S/X so the can press their foot down in style.

Tesla Parking sign

Tesla Parking Only Sign ($16 on Amazon)

Get a simple and cheap gag gift for a friend who owns a Tesla and wants the whole world to know that fact.

Model 3 Glass Screen Protector ($17 on Amazon)

Keep your massive touch screen safe from scratches with a glass screen protector while reducing the fingerprints and smudges that will inevitably show up with all your friends wanting to touch your beautiful new car’s navigation center.

Tesla Hat ($19 on Amazon)

Buy a Tesla hat for your Dad so he can rep the brand while he cuts his grass, goes to the store to buy Dad-shoes, or do whatever dads do.

Keep a Car Clean and Organized (Under $50)

Tesla Model 3 Center Console Wrap ($30 on Amazon)

Who doesn’t like carbon fiber? Reduce fingerprints, protect against scratches, and bring up the cool-level of your Tesla Model 3 center console.

Car Vacuum ($30 on Amazon)

Give a vacuum to a friend so they can keep their car sparkling clean. This one comes with tools to get between seats and crevices in an interior.

Cup Holder Phone Mount ($43 on Amazon)

Give a friend easy access to their phone with this adjustable cup holder phone mount. It fits perfectly in the Model 3’s cup holders.

Practical Tesla Gifts (Under $75)

Tesla Model 3 Rear Cargo Liner ($64 on Amazon)

Protect your friend’s cargo area with a mat that has been perfectly cut and branded to match their car, at a reasonable price too!

Tesla Roadside Safety Kit ($65 from Tesla)

All jokes aside, this safety kit would be a great present for any Tesla Model S/X/3 owners in your life.

People never plan to get stranded on their way somewhere, but life happens and you can be the person who properly prepared someone for a scary moment they might have. They’ll be grateful.

Tesla Model 3 Wireless Phone Charger Pad ($55 on Amazon)

Get your friends on that #NoWire train with this wireless charger pad.

This charger pad fits snuggly into the center console of a Tesla Model 3, and works with multiple phones.

Just make sure their phone supports wireless charging first, (most newer iPhones/Android devices do now).

Useful Gifts (Under $500)

Carbon Fiber Spoiler for Model 3 (170$ on Amazon)

Crank your car’s speed and handling up to 10 with this simple addition.

Alright maybe I’m exaggerating the effects you’ll see, but it would surely make your car stand out in a crowd.

All Season Seat Covers for Model 3 (255$ on Amazon)

Want to avoid getting dirt and grime in your clean new car seats this winter? Get some stylish seat covers and talk a breath of calm air knowing your valuable seats will not see any wear or tear.

Siemens Fast Charger ($425 on Amazon)

Get a fast charger for a family member so they don’t have any excuses for being late to family gatherings.

There are many different options depending on the car’s requirements, the speed of charge desired, and more. We’ll have a guide to choosing the right charger for you soon.

Teslas are compatible with this charger with an adapter that comes with the car.

Lavish Gifts (Over $500)

Tesla Model S for Kids

Tesla Model S for Kids ($600 from Tesla)

Know some youngsters who aren’t yet adequately indoctrinated in the ways of capitalism?

Seriously though, I would have killed for one of these when I was a kid.

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