Sales of electric cars are beginning to boom. It’s easy to see why, with subsidies and purchase incentives going hand in hand with the promise of zero emissions, electric vehicles are becoming a more and more compelling option for many families.

But even with subsidies, the cost of buying a new electric car is still a costly prospect. There is, however, another option. As with gas-powered cars, huge discounts can be had if you buy used. The problem is, buying any type of used car can be an incredibly daunting experience and buying electric adds even more things that need to be considered to the mix.

But don’t worry. We’re here to help you out with this handy little guide for which used electric cars are the best value and which ones offer the best features and benefits right now.

Used BMW i3: Depreciation is Your Friend

BMW i3 in a sunset

BMW started from scratch when it developed the i3 and it really does show. With a distinctive supermini body made from lightweight carbon fiber, it really looks the business. But looks isn’t all it has to offer, with a powerful all-electric engine (as well as a hybrid option in the RX variant) and all the bells and whistles you expect from BMW, it really is a compelling purchase. New this car costs over $40,000 but a used model of a few years old can halve that cost or more. Seriously, if you look around these days you kind find some of the early model-year i3s at around $15,000.

Used Kia Soul EV

Kia Soul EV

Budget car maker Kia offers an attractively priced all-electric model of their popular Soul car. The size is small, making it only really suitable for small families or single drivers, but the engine is reliable, and the car is incredibly nippy. Brand new the car is already priced at the cheaper end of the spectrum at a little over $30,000 but the real value is in the used market with many Soul’s dropping below half that price after a couple of years use. 

Used Nissan Leaf: Some Under $10k

Front of the Nissan Leaf

We have fond memories of the Nissan Leaf. It was the first commercially successful electric car and is now a relative old-timer after six years in production. The length of time the car has been on the market is what makes it an attractive used option, with some older used Leaf’s heading south of $10,000, a third of the original retail price for the vehicle. Price isn’t the only attractive aspect of the car though. It’s incredibly nippy in urban environments and has ultra-low running costs. 

Used Tesla Model S: Practical Yet Regal

Tesla Model S in a sunset

No list of electric cars would be complete without a Tesla car on the list. The Model S brings a spacious interior with ultra-modern stylings and a high performing all-electric engine to the plate, as well as decent ranges between charging. There’s no doubt that this isn’t the cheapest EV option out there even at used prices but for some, the extra cost is worth the extra quality. Expect to have to pay anywhere above $40,000 for a used version of this incredible car. 

Volkswagen e-Golf: Great Option for $15k

Volkswagen e-Golf

The venerable Golf has always been a great family hatchback and the e-Golf retains the practicality, excellent build quality and great levels of reliability. The drive is maybe a little off compared to its gas-powered brother, but the excellent range and cheap running costs make the e-Golf an attractive option for anybody looking to purchase electric. Prices are also attractive for used cars at around $15,000, a massive reduction from the new price which currently stands at over $35,000.

There you have it, our guide to the best value used electric cars on the market today.

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