Fisker has announced a new all-electric luxury SUV at CES in Las Vegas, at a price that may seem too good to be true. Their new Ocean, sporting a comfortable, sustainably built interior can be had for only $37,499 before the federal tax credit. With the tax credit that price drops to a measly $29,999. This low price should make the Ocean a very attractive option among other choices on the market such as the Telsa Model 3. There are also many flexible buying options, allowing you to lease the Ocean for as little as $379 a month. For either option, if you are interested, you can reserve your car today for $250 on Fisker’s website.

They’ll also have a very innovative system for maintenance. Fisker customers won’t have to deal with the hassle of taking their car to the mechanic. Fisker will pick up and return vehicles for maintenance themselves. Maintenance can be requested through their app, or even signaled automatically by onboard sensors.

Don’t let the low price fool you though, you’re getting plenty for your money. Sporting a range of 300 miles with its 80-kilowatt-hour battery the Ocean is up there with some of the best EVs on the market. And with Fisker’s partnership with Electrify America, you’ll be able to connect to a vast network of charging stations and never have to worry about reaching your destination.

Fisker Ocean Exterior

The car has a lot of what you expect from a new electric car. These include a sleek, tech-filled interior, with a karaoke feature on the heads up display for some reason. And of course, you can expect standard safety features like a safety roll cage built around the passengers.

The manufacturer also seems to be very proud of their vegan interior, claiming that the Ocean is one of the most sustainable cars made to date. This includes suede made from recycled materials such as recycled bottles, reducing emissions from producing traditional polyester fibers. It has fully recycled carpets made entirely from abandoned fishnet waste. They’ll also be improving the sustainability of the tire’s life cycle by recycling rubber waste from the tire production process. 

The Ocean has another more novel feature that we don’t see included on very many electric cars today, a solar panel. This solar panel spanning the roof of the car means when your car is parked in sunny parking lots, even without a charger, it’ll be generating clean energy and topping off your range. This effect might not be as great as your hoping though. They claim this solar panel will generate enough energy for about 1000 miles a year. That may sound great, but that’s only a few miles per day. It turns out this feature may be a rarity for a reason, but that’s still 1000 miles of range generated with absolutely 0 emissions, and that energy is practically free. If you have a shorter commute it may actually have a decent impact on your electric bill.

The Fisker Ocean will begin production sometime in 2021, and we can expect to see this car hit the road in 2022. Their CEO claimed they’ve already secured a global supply chain and manufacturing capabilities, and says they’ll be producing approximately one million cars between 2022 and 2027. We can expect to hear a lot more about this car over the next year, so we’ll keep you updated here with all the new details on the Fisker Ocean.

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