When we first took a brief look at the Nissan Ariya concept in our CES roundup yesterday, we saw a lot of potential in the concept. Nissan has established a lot of consumer confidence in the electric car space with their Leaf, so we’re excited to see the potential of a higher-end big brother to that car.

Forward Thinking Design

The Ariya concept has the same sleek exterior design that we’ve come to expect from Nissan. But on the inside, what sets the Ariya apart is a clean, minimalist interior. The Ariya’s interior is refreshing compared to the hyper futuristic interiors we’ve seen flooding the market with massive infotainment consoles.

The dash features 2 horizontal 12.3-inch screens. No awkwardly looking to the side to see basic gauges on this one. I really like the approach with these very wide screens. Compared to the massive wall of pixels we see at the center of many EVs today I think the screens look very sharp. 

There’s still ample room for all the information you need in a comfortable position with the instrument panel screen. And it maintains the ease of use for things like selecting music with the touchscreen. 

I think this is an excellent way to utilize screen real estate to deliver all the features we need, while ditching the crazy looking wall of pixels. I really hope other manufacturers take note because I think more care needs to be taken to design how all these futuristic technologies fit into our cars.

High Performance

Nissan showed off its e-4ORCE technology to Electrek at CES. It’s based around the idea of using independent control over each wheel to improve performance, handling, and safety. 

By applying individual amounts of torque to each wheel e-4ORCE technology can improve handling through corners, and traction on slippery road surfaces. Electrek reported that the technology had a night and day difference on traction in a skid test they did.

The e-4ORCE technology can also be used to enable smoother regenerative braking. By applying stronger regenerative braking on the rear wheels the car can come to a stop without the nose of the car jarringly dipping down. This will keep the car more planted on the road and give a smoother braking experience.

The Big Picture

Nissan has stayed tight-lipped about the details surrounding the future of the Ariya. They insist it’s just a concept for now, but it has a level of polish beyond what we normally see on a concept. All evidence seems to be pointing to seeing the Ariya hit the roads in the next few years. If you trust the rumors we could see this car hitting the market as early as 2021. 

With no word on potential pricing, it’s hard to make a clear judgment on the Ariya at this early concept stage. But with a 300-mile range and such a beautiful design I’m very excited to see the future of this crossover. We’ll be following this one closely, so we’ll be sure to deliver all the new details on this concept as they continue to come out.

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