The Rivian R1T has been making waves lately showing off their new electric pickup truck. With a powerful exterior and the clean, futuristic interior we’ve come to expect from electric cars the R1T looks like it might be able to go head to head against Tesla. With consumers showing a strong preference for larger SUVs and pickup trucks this new offering looks like it could be very promising. Today we’ll go through everything you need to know about the upcoming Rivian R1T.

A powerful beast

People generally assume that electric cars tend to be small and weak with very little range. While modern electric cars like the Tesla Model 3 challenge this assumption, the R1T will destroy it. Everyone who’s driven an EV knows those electric motors deliver loads of instant torque. And with a towing capacity of 11,000 pounds, the Rivian R1T outshines even popular gas pickups like the Ford F150. 

This pickup is an off-road beast as well. Rivian made waves last month when they teased their tank turn feature. Since each wheel has its own motor they can turn independently to allow the R1T to spin 180 in place. With a long 135 inch wheelbase, this pickup will be stable, and the insane torque of electric motors will get it through some of the toughest of situations.

Rivian R1T's storage compartments.
Rivian R1T’s storage compartments.

One of the biggest advantages of a pickup is storage. With a large truck bed and a massive trunk in the front, the R1T has you covered. And under the truck bed, there’s a large storage compartment running the width of the truck. With all this storage you’ve got plenty of space for literally anything from camping to hauling lumber.

We generally don’t expect something built for towing to be fast too. But the R1T can deliver roughly the equivalent of 750 horsepower to hit 0-60 in 3 seconds flat. And this powerful truck will never hold you back, with the base model sporting about 230 miles of range and the long-range model getting a mind-blowing 400 miles.

Impressive tech

One great creature comfort I didn’t know I needed on a truck is power. With three 110 volt power outlets in the pickup bed, you can charge stuff like wireless speakers while camping or power tools on the job site. 

It also has a large 15.6-inch touchscreen front and center, with another screen behind the wheel. There’s even a third, smaller touch screen for rear passengers. It seems like the Nissan Ariya is the only car on the horizon that doesn’t pack a huge wall of pixels into their console.

And like many new electric cars, we see these days the R1T has all the sensors it will need for self-driving capabilities. With all the cameras, LIDAR, radar, and ultrasonic sensors it needs this pickup will be ready when that technology is developed. There’s little word however about how they will utilize these sensors in the meantime, like Tesla’s autopilot assisted driving. While self-driving technology has been improving at an impressive rate, there’s no way to tell when this tech can be safely deployed.

A hefty price

While the Rivian R1T has some impressive capabilities, those things don’t come cheap. The R1T was originally announced with a $69,000 price point. We’ve found out that it will actually be a bit cheaper than that. They haven’t said anything definitive, but $69,000 will get you a solid car with a good deal of upgrade, with the base price being a bit cheaper than that. With price being one of the biggest things holding back EV adoption, the R1T could struggle. With the Tesla Cybertruck starting at only $40,000 Rivian is in a tough spot. While Tesla buyers are no longer eligible for federal tax rebates in the US, Tesla is still significantly undercutting Rivian. 

Despite the price hype for the R1T is still strong. Rivian has built a truck that’s perfect for outdoor adventurers and people who want to get work done. With all the impressive features of the R1T, we can only wait and see how things go and if Rivian is able to break into the market. We should be getting more specific details on options and pricing soon, so we’ll keep you updated as we learn more about the Rivian R1T.

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