With consumers increasingly leaning towards larger cars, there’s a strong demand for new green SUVs and pickup trucks. While the Rivian R1T looks like a powerful choice with all the features consumers want, this new concept from LEGO could be a real game-changer.

A Striking Design

With its blocky exterior, the Cybertruck looks intimidating. The LEGO Cybertruck sports thick wheels that should have no problem tearing it up off-road.

We haven’t gotten a great look at the interior, but it seems very spacious. We haven’t been able to identify if the Cybertruck includes seating. There’s also no word on whether we can expect a high-tech infotainment screen or sensors for self-driving capabilities. Seeing as these features tend to come standard on the majority of new electric cars I think we can expect these features here.

This new truck will offer plenty of utility too. With a fully working tailgate and front trunk, you’ll have plenty of options for storage. While unfortunately, the Cybertruck doesn’t currently have functioning doors, we’re hoping we might get this luxury feature before launch.

Cybertruck Lego Kit

Could go into production soon

The design for this new LEGO kit was posted on the companies ideas website last year. Now that it’s reached the 10,000 supporters needed, this kit is set to be reviewed by LEGO in May. If they decide it’s fit for release they’ll finish up the design themselves, so it may end up looking a bit different than we’ve seen today.

Obviously Tesla will also need to sign off on the design before it can see store shelves. Many say that could be unlikely, as Tesla pulled licensing for the racing game Forza Horizon 4. It’s thought that move was made to follow with the companies philosophy of avoiding direct marketing. While that may be the case, I have seen officially licensed Tesla Hotwheels. It’s possible Tesla might be more comfortable with their cars being built as toys rather than crashed in a video game.

While this news might be a little silly, I think this new LEGO kit looks super cute and I want one. At this point, we can only hope someone tweets this idea out to Elon so this kit can go into production. With the real Tesla Cybertruck not set to begin production until the end of 2020 we could see this kit on store shelves before the real thing hits the road! So we’ll be sure to watch this story closely and bring you guys all the important updates on the new LEGO Tesla Cybertruck!

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