The Hummer has always been known as THE gas guzzler. Hummers are big, loud, and burn through gas. But it looks like that’s changing with a new model set to be unveiled on May 20th. We took a look at the possibility of an electric Hummer a while ago, and while we did say it wasn’t impossible I’m still surprised to see new teasers coming from GM. Let’s take a look at the new, aptly-named Super Truck.

A shocking combination

Electric cars are generally small, sleek, and refined. The Super Truck is powerful, and it is massive. The Super Truck projects power. It’s almost mind-blowing that GM is going to be able to power something as large as a Hummer with electric.

I’ve talked a lot about the need for manufacturers to fill gaps in the electric market. While consumers often prefer larger cars, the Hummer is certainly something different. With the Hummer brand on life support for the past few years, it’s clear there’s a limit to how huge and inefficient consumers are willing to go.

But the Super Truck is different. I think consumers might be attracted to the novelty of something so big and historically inefficient running on electric. It’s unlikely we’ll see very many EVs nearly as large as the Super Truck. I think the Super Truck will serve as an excellent option for people who like larger cars, but see the massive trucks on the market as too inefficient for them.

Power fitting of a Hummer

We’re going to need a lot of power if we’re even going to move this beast. And it would be a massive disappointment if something so imposing didn’t have the power to back it up. Well, this new offering really earns the name Super Truck.

One thousand horsepower. Let that sink in. It’s rare to see a production car packing nearly that much power, gas or electric.

All that power allows the Super Truck to hit 0-60 in a mind-shattering 3 seconds flat. That might seem average compared to other EVs on the market, but for a huge vehicle like the Super Truck speed like that is going to feel like a bullet.

An of course as an EV the Super Truck will have plenty of torque for towing. With 11,500 pound-feet of torque, nothing can slow down this monster. And that’s all with the silence of electric.

We don’t have any word on range or price, but I think this new truck is going to redefine the electric car category. It’s going to be hard for anyone to dismiss electric cars once this comes out. This could easily be one of the most powerful electric cars we’ve seen to date. And I can’t wait to see this behemoth launch off the line. We still have very little info to go on, so we’ll keep you updated as new information is revealed about the Super Truck.

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