The Super Bowl yesterday featured several advertisements for electric cars. With these advertisement slots being some of the most coveted and expensive it’s clear that car manufacturers see all the momentum EVs have gained. But despite the effort, it’s obvious that these companies still don’t know how to sell electric cars.

The new Hummer EV

Unfortunately, we’ve learned very little about the upcoming EV from Hummer we covered the other day. The ad was just a cut of all the different clips they put up a few days ago, with a feature from LeBron James added in. The only thing we’ve really learned is that it’s unfortunately not named the Hummer Super Truck as I hoped, opting for the much more boring name, Hummer EV.

I really just wish they had more to show in this commercial. While I do believe it’s huge that they’re changing consumer perception by showing how powerful EVs can be, I don’t think it’s enough. I think if we could have seen a massive electric Hummer towing a heavy load or showing off the insane 3 second 0-60 acceleration this commercial could have had a lot more hype.

The Porsche Taycan is exciting

I think the ad for the Porsche Taycan is probably the best of the bunch. While it doesn’t give much info, it really shows off the performance of this car. Showing the pure raw performance of electric in this ad is exactly what I was hoping for from Hummer. And I can excuse the lack of information that might be better suited for a press release than the super bowl.

A very confusing Audi e-tron ad

In my opinion, the ad for the e-tron is by far the worst we’ve seen. They don’t seem to understand that they need to market electric cars differently than gas-powered cars. While it’s clear that was their intent with all the smog in the air being cleared away, you can hardly tell they’re advertising an electric car, with just a quick line at the end anyone could miss. I even found an article made just to clarify that this is, indeed, an ad for an electric car.

I feel like ads for gas-powered cars can get away with this kind of commercial that just shows a person happy driving around in a car because people know what to expect. And I think electric vehicles need to be marketed differently. This ad gives me no reason to buy this EV over some other gas-powered car.

Our Take

I think it’s huge that electric cars are starting to get so much more attention. One of the largest obstacles in the way of EV adoption is awareness. And ads like the Porsche Taycon one do a lot to make people aware that powerful EVs are out there. But I don’t think these ads are going to really push anyone to buy an EV. These are expensive cars and seeing these ads could very well give the impression that buying an electric car is out of reach.

And even though we’re showing people how much power electric cars have, it seems like we’re playing catch-up. These companies think they need to prove that these cars are as good as a gas-powered car. But to actually drive consumer interest they need to show that they aren’t just as good, they’re better. We need to stop positioning EVs as secondary to gas-powered cars for them to gain any market share.

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