To this day range anxiety is still one of the biggest pills to swallow when considering an electric car. Whenever you decide to venture out of the city you don’t want to be bound by inconsistent coverage of charging networks.

For electric cars to fully take off in the US we need more chargers. Not everyone is able to charge at home, and driving across town to some random charger at a hotel isn’t a very attractive option. And for electric cars to be seriously seen as a viable alternative to gas by consumers they need to be able to get everywhere.

Being able to get everywhere is the primary goal of a new bill outlined on Thursday by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Andy Levin. The Electric Vehicle Freedom Act is an acknowledgment of the rapid growth the electric car industry is set to experience in the next few years.

As this bill is still in its very early stages we don’t have many details. But it promises an “extensive” network of chargers along highways and interstates within the next 5 years.

Our Take

Should this bill eventually pass I believe it would be the single largest boon to the adoption of electric vehicles to date. While some states like New Jersey have passed similar legislation to expand charging infrastructure, nothing currently exists on the federal level.

This doesn’t just leave EV adoption in states without charging infrastructure stunted, it also hurts EV sales nationwide because there are still gaps in the charging network. While you can definitely road trip across the country in an EV, making trips out to rural areas with less solid coverage can be stress-inducing.

The gas-powered car wouldn’t be nearly as popular in a world without gas stations everywhere. This is the spot EVs are currently in. I believe this bill would spur on EV sales in a way we’ve never seen before, ushering in a new wave of EV adoption. I’m very excited to follow the future of this bill, and I hope we see this or something similar pass soon. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more concrete details about this bill.

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