Tesla has always been known for their top tier crash test ratings. How could the taller Model Y possibly live up to the five-star crash test rating of the Model 3? Today we’ll take a look at the advantages the Model Y has to achieve industry-leading safety. So read more to find out why we believe the new Tesla Model Y is going to be one of the safest crossovers on the market.

Planted to the ground

One of the biggest advantages EVs have is their low center of gravity. Having the extremely heavy battery pack running under the whole car will make the Model Y very stable and planted to the ground. Even though the Model Y is taller than the Model 3,

Tesla’s new method of frame casting means the frame of the Model Y will be very light. This means that the center of gravity should still be very low allowing for excellent handling.

One of the biggest dangers in an SUV is rollovers. Rollovers are one of the most dangerous kinds of accidents, accounting for a disproportionate amount of road fatalities. The extremely low center of gravity of EVs makes the likelihood of a car starting to roll much lower.

It also makes it much more difficult for the car to completely flip over, potentially trapping passengers. Check out how the car is able to still return to its wheels in this rollover test of the Model X.

Structurally safe

The Model Y is also expected to perform well in collision scenarios. The strong rigid frame should keep passengers safe. And EVs have yet another massive safety advantage up their sleeve.

With the lack of a massive engine up front, EVs are able to make the entire front of the car a giant crumple zone. In an impact the whole front of the car will crumple in on itself, absorbing the energy of the collision.

While you might not be excited to see the front of your car shredded, these crumple zones are one of the biggest safety features of modern cars. With so much space to absorb the impact collisions in the Model Y are going to have safer outcomes.

The best method is prevention

The best way to make cars safer is to make crashes less likely. While the safety features of the Model Y are going to make it one of the safest crossovers to crash in, we’d all rather avoid that. The assisted driving features of the Model Y are going to help that.

The most unsafe part of a car is generally the person driving it. People are unpredictable, and many factors are going to make crashing possible, no matter how well you drive.

Whether you get distracted by a flashy billboard or an inattentive driver tries to merge into your lane, the active safety features on all Teslas will help. By either giving you a collision warning or braking to prevent a collision, the instant reaction of your car’s computer could save you. These features obviously won’t prevent all accidents, but Tesla is always improving the software and making their cars even safer.

Autopilot makes driving easier

And autopilot can even reduce the number of chances you have to make a mistake. While full self-driving is still far off, features like adaptive cruise control with lane assistance can significantly reduce the chance of an accident. While it is still crucial that drivers remain attentive while using autopilot, the chances of an accident are much lower than a human driver.

With the full self-driving upgrade Model Y owners will be able to navigate from highway on-ramp to off-ramp on autopilot. With their car handling lane changes, passing, and speed control there’s very little chance for a driver to make a mistake. But we do want to yet again stress that this is not level 5 self-driving and the driver must remain attentive with their hands on the wheel.

We can’t wait for Model Y deliveries to begin so we can see official crash tests. If you’d like to know more about the Model Y ahead of its delivery next month you can check out our articles on its efficiency and ample storage. And be sure to stay tuned and follow our social media up top for our continued coverage of the Tesla Model Y!

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