Tesla has always been known as an industry disruptor. And they’re set to break into yet another industry. The unprecedented success of the Model 3 has given them the capital to build what they’ve always been working towards, a mega rave cave. How does Tesla intend to make the drug-fueled rave cave industry more environmentally sustainable?

Why is Tesla making a rave cave?

Tesla is not a company to let opportunity pass them. They will always take any chance to save money by reusing components. Well the other day, Elon realized they could go further than just reusing components. They’re already doing lots of excavation for the new Berlin Gigafactory, so why not save money and excavate a subterranean mega rave cave under the factory?

After years of success in the electric vehicle industry, Tesla only knows how to be on top. So it’s no surprise that they don’t just want to break into the mega rave cave industry, they want to disrupt the mega rave cave industry. It seems like Elon has his sights set on taking down Coachella.

What we know

Tesla has not yet released any information about the upcoming mega rave cave. But let’s talk about what we do know. First off, I think it’s clear that this mega rave cave IS coming. With such strong support for the project, it would be completely undemocratic for the board of directors to shoot down Elon’s great idea. There are obviously major gaps in the mega rave cave market, and it would be insane for Tesla to pass up this opportunity.

We also know the approximate size of the mega rave cave. The plans for the Berlin Gigafactory have it set at approximately 300 hectares or roughly 750 acres. Coachella takes up about 650 acres.

Given the purpose of this project, I assume they will use all available space. I believe they plan to excavate roughly 700 acres under the Gigafactory. This would make it not only the largest subterranean mega rave cave in the world, but the single largest music venue on the planet, above or below ground.

To follow their consistent branding strategy I assume this mega rave cave will be named the Tesla GigaRave. I just can’t imagine them using a less cool-sounding name.

Cost-saving and sustainability

They’re going to make the mega rave cave industry far more sustainable too. With over 2 million watts just to power the car-sized subwoofers most other venues would opt for pricey fossil fuel power. Well, the sound system at the Tesla GigaRave is likely to be completely solar-powered. Tesla is expected to install 3-5 of their utility-scale Gigapack battery packs. This amount of battery storage should allow the GigaRave to operate for 6 whole hours purely on battery power.

It seems they may have been planning this for a while. They’ve confirmed the Cybertruck will come standard with laser blade lights. I don’t know what laser blade lights are, but I assume they are made specifically for laser light shows for raves. With this knowledge, we’ve created this composite of what the GigaRave will look like.

With the cost savings of using Cybertrucks for light effects and replacing pyrotechnics with exploding batteries Tesla could make this mega rave cave mega profitable. We still don’t have many details, but I’ll be diligently refreshing twitter until we know more. Tesla breaking into a new industry is very exciting, and I can’t wait to see how they shake things up.

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