The Powerwall is probably the least exciting thing Tesla makes. Most see it as a simple addon needed alongside solar power. But you don’t need solar panels to take advantage of the massive savings the Powerwall can bring you. Let’s talk about how you can save thousands of dollars on your energy bill by installing the Tesla Powerwall.

Time-based control

Your power company charges you a certain amount based on how much energy you use. What you might not know is the amount they charge you is constantly changing. When everyone gets home from work in the evening and turns on their AC they have to increase their power output, so they have to charge more during these peak times.

If you work a normal job with normal hours most of your electricity use if probably during these peak hours. You are paying top dollar for the majority of your electricity. If you want to save money you could always switch over to a night shift so that you’re asleep during peak hours. If all your electricity usage is at 3 AM you’re always getting the best deal.

Or you could just buy a Tesla Powerwall, charge it up at 3 AM, and have it power your house through the day. Without solar, this is the default function of the Powerwall. This isn’t some weird hack to use it without solar, this is the intended function of the Powerwall. And you don’t even have to do anything. Your Powerwall will monitor your energy usage and automatically charge at off-peak times.

How much can I save?

Determining your savings can be very difficult. This relies a lot on your own personal energy usage and how much you pay for energy. This paper from 2016 shows you the calculations you need to do to figure this out. Though keep in mind this is an analysis of the average Californian in 2016, you’ll have to do the calculations yourself to see how much you could save. There used to be a calculator online, but it’s been taken down. We’ll be sure to update this section if we find a new calculator to help you find out how much you can save.

This Australian family saved over $8000 on their power bill after installing a Powerwall. Their power bill dropped down to a measly $45 a quarter. And that’s just with the first generation Powerwall. Depending on your location your savings probably won’t be as impressive, but this definitely proves the savings are there for some people.

So even if you don’t currently have solar the Powerwall could save you tons of money. And as an added benefit you won’t be affected by power outages and will already be equipped if you ever decide to install solar. Make sure to do your research and take the time to calculate your potential savings. Saving money is the only reason you would buy this, so if your power bill is already small the Powerwall probably isn’t for you.

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