Tesla has been receiving criticism lately due to their reluctance to slow down production in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now they’re turning things around, delivering over 1000 ventilators to LA hospitals free of charge.

A much better look

Musk has been outspoken about his opinion that COVID-19 isn’t really that big of a deal. Last week he promised Tesla would work on ventilators but felt by the time they could be delivered they wouldn’t be needed. This lack of enthusiasm made many people question whether he would actually follow through.

His concerns were justified though. To actually produce new ventilators would require machinery that Tesla just doesn’t have. It could take months for Tesla to actually make a working ventilator production line.

But Tesla could certainly help the logistics of getting ventilators where they’re needed. China had a surplus of ventilators, so Tesla was able to buy 1255 ventilators and ship them to LA on Friday.

Tesla’s international connections allowed them to work with customs authorities in China and the US to help expedite this process. Some may question how helpful just shipping ventilators is. But Tesla’s ability to quickly get these to hospitals for free is commendable.

Elon is having new ideas

It seems that speaking with engineers involved in making ventilators has sparked Elon’s interest in health equipment. He applauded the engineering in the Model Y’s heat pump and wondered if the same technology could be applied to the HVAC in your home.

An HVAC system with a good HEPA filter could do wonders for people with allergies.

Obviously any plans to make a home AC would be very far out, and right now they’re closer to dreams than plans. But it wouldn’t actually be too far fetched for Tesla. They’re not a car company, they are an energy company. Their work on the Solar Roof and Powerwall show they just want to lower our need for fossil fuels and make energy more green.

If you look at your power bill during the summer you probably know how much power an AC eats through. So a more efficient AC could be hugely impactful, allowing homes running solar to be even less dependant on the grid.

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