Tesla has been doing their part in the midst of this global health crisis. They’ve already delivered over 1000 ventilators to hospitals for free. But it’s clear that there is a dire need for ventilator production. And Tesla’s engineers just showed how they can design ventilators by repurposing Model 3 parts.

Working with Medtronic

As the nature of this pandemic has become apparent, Tesla has stepped up. They started by quickly delivering over 1000 ventilators to hospitals in LA. But it’s become clear that global ventilator production needs a boost and every company that can need to do their part.

But the problem is getting these ventilators made quickly. Tesla and SpaceX have been working closely with Medtronic, and SpaceX is now producing a vital component for Medtronic ventilators.

Of course, Tesla would like to produce ventilators as well. But they need to be able to make them quickly without taking away vital components from ventilator manufacturers. They just put out a video talking about how they were able to design a ventilator built almost entirely out of Model 3 parts.

Tesla have nearly everything they need to make ventilators

By primarily using components that Tesla already has on hand in large quantities, Tesla could potentially mass-produce these ventilators very soon. This diagram shows the parts required for the ventilator. The things in blue, like the HEPA filter, are medical components that could have potential supply issues. But everything in red is a Tesla vehicle component that they already have. If Tesla is able to work with Medtronic to find suppliers for the components they need they could produce thousands of ventilators.

The ventilator is operated by a Model 3 infotainment screen. It also makes use of the Model 3’s infotainment computer and vehicle controller. It’s built with valves connected into a manifold that should be easy to assemble quickly.

There’s still a lot of work to do. But we’re giving it our best effort to make sure we can help some people out there.

Hopefully, Tesla is able to continue to work closely with Medtronic to get these ventilators ready for production. They’ll need to be FDA approved before they can get there. But because they’re using so many parts they already have large stocks of they might be able to provide many hospitals with the ventilators they need.

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