Many have been excited about Ford’s commitment to release dozens of EVs over the next few years. The fully electric F-150 coming in 2022 will give a massive boost to EV adoption. But their upcoming plug-in hybrid is almost certain to be dead in the water.

Why even try?

I’ve talked a lot about the benefits of plug-in hybrids allowing consumers to reduce emissions without having to change their lifestyle. Most PHEVs have a range of around 30 miles which is enough for the majority of a driver’s daily commute. But this upcoming plug-in hybrid F-150 is reported to have an electric range of only TEN MILES. Here’s what Car And Driver have to say about this new PHEV.

Electric range will probably exceed 10 miles but only when commuting unladen.

It’s not even guaranteed that this new F-150 will be able to get a full 10 miles purely electric. The fact that this range is only possible unladen is unsurprising since towing has a huge impact on EV range.

But, 10 miles? Really? That’s pretty pathetic. PHEV’s are meant to be a way to get all your commute done on battery while still having the freedom to go on road trips. Ten miles is only long enough for the absolute shortest of commutes, forget getting errands done after work unless you want to burn gas.

This range is so short that most drivers won’t see much of a benefit to charging. While those with better PHEVs might be able to go weeks between having to top off the tank, F-150 owners will not have that luxury. If you have to fill your tank nearly as often as you would normally, why even plug in? And if Ford was going to make such a pathetic PHEV, why even try?

Our take

This could have been a perfect move for Ford. They could have made a PHEV with a useable range to help drivers adapt to the electric lifestyle. They could have used that to market their fully electric F-150, talking about how drivers loved the power of the electric motors. But instead, they made a PHEV that will cost more than the ICE variant for no real-world advantage.

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