We’ve been wondering whether we would see a tow hitch on the Tesla Model Y. The Tesla Model 3 is capable of towing 2000 pounds, but the tow hitch option was never offered in North America. But thankfully Tesla just listed a tow hitch option for the Model Y, and it’s more capable than we expected.

3,500 pound capacity

This new tow hitch will enable the Model Y to tow up to 3,500 pounds and will cost $1000. We expected the towing capacity to be quite a bit lower since the Model Y’s powertrain is very similar to the Model 3. But the additional towing capacity on the Model Y is certainly a welcome surprise.

I still maintain that if you have to tow heavy loads often, fully-electric cars might not be for you. The Tesla Model Y has a pretty hefty towing capacity. But towing absolutely kills your range. Generally towing anything will cut the range of your EV in half.

The 3,500 pound towing capacity of the Model Y might be enough to pull some smaller boats, but there’s nowhere to plug in at the lake. But for the situations where towing with the Model Y would make sense, like moving furniture across town, the tow hitch will be very useful.

Tesla also listed a roof rack for the Model Y on their accessories shop. It costs $450 and should be perfect for mounting things like ski racks or bike racks.

The Model Y already packs in tons of utility. It’s ample storage space and long range make it perfect for adventurers. The addition of a tow hitch and roof rack makes it even better. Now the Model Y can get you, and all your gear, where you need to go.

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