One of the greatest benefits of driving an electric car is its efficiency. Most EVs have an MPGe rating of over 100 miles, meaning you have to spend very little to charge up. But what is MPGe, and why do electric cars rate so well?

MPGe, or miles per gallon gasoline equivalent, is a measure of the fuel economy of alternative fuel vehicles. This can be used to rate the efficiency of bio-fuel cars, but can also be used to rate electric cars. MPGe is a measure of the average distance you can drive with the equivalent energy in a gallon of gas, 33.7 kWh.

Electric vehicles tend to score very high MPGe ratings. This is due to the high efficiency of electric motors. Internal combustion engines waste a lot of the energy in gas by generating excess heat. This leads to most internal combustion engines only reaching around 40% efficiency.

Electric motors, on the other hand, can easily hit over 90% efficiency. With such high efficiency, you can see why the Tesla Model 3 has a 141 mile combined MPGe rating. The 75 kWh battery pack of the Model 3 has the energy of barely over 2 gallons of gas but can reach over 300 miles on a single charge.

A more efficient car will cost less to recharge. Since electricity is much cheaper than gas though this won’t really matter much. Less efficient cars will take longer to charge though, a potential issue with GM’s new Ultium batteries. You can read my breakdown of these batteries over on Drive Tesla Canada.

While most of us only look at range, MPGe can be a very important stat to be aware of. MPGe can give an accurate look at the efficiency of the car regardless of range. While most EV’s are already insanely efficient, no one wants to have to spend more to charge their car.

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