The new Lexus UX300e coming next year will sport THE BEST battery warranty we’ve ever seen on an electric car. They have confidence in their technology, with a 10-year 600,000-mile warranty against battery degradation. Should this become the standard for EV warranties?

A sensible move

While a 600,000-mile warranty must sound absurd, it actually makes a lot of sense. It might take the average driver 40 years to drive that far. But the old-school 100k mile powertrain warranties that are commonplace simply don’t reflect the lifespan of an electric car.

Electric cars can last a LOT longer than their gas-powered counterparts. They have less moving parts that can wear out and need replacement. Many EVs on the road today will last 300k-500k miles.

Which can make the less generous warranties a little annoying. Especially if you’re buying a used EV. It makes it very difficult to recommend the best possible deals. Because while the vast majority of EV batteries will last 500k+ miles, not all will.

If you buy an EV with 100,001 miles, just barely out of warranty, it’s probably fine. You will most likely be able to drive that car for many more years. Or you could be the victim of a battery defect that could cost thousands of dollars to replace.

I believe that warranties should accurately reflect the lifespan of an EV. These aren’t like ICE cars that can have nearly any part replaced by an independent mechanic. The car’s manufacturer is the only one who can replace your battery. So they should take responsibility for the life of those batteries.

This warranty from Lexus shows a lot of confidence in EVs. If anything, this warranty is great marketing for the reliability of EVs. And a warranty like this will give buyers of used UX300e’s in a few years a lot more confidence. It’s just a shame it won’t be coming over to the US.

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