These past few weeks have been a wild ride for Tesla. Despite statewide orders to begin resuming manufacturing operations, Tesla was blocked from opening by Alameda County health officials.

But they did not want to be the only auto manufacturer in the States still in lockdown. Before this lockdown, Tesla was skyrocketing with increased sales and the release of the Model Y. So they threatened to pull Tesla HQ and manufacturing operations out of California and filed a lawsuit against Alameda county.

Then they openly defied the county order to stay closed. with Elon tweeting “If anyone is arrested, I ask that it only be me”. It seemed so flagrant that I’m sure there were many waiting to read about Elon behind bars.

But as I expected, Tesla’s lawyers wouldn’t let Elon do this if they didn’t think it would work. The Alameda County Public Health Department has released a statement today.

After reviewing Tesla’s plan to prevent the spread of coronavirus in their factory, they have decided that Tesla can open on the 18th. They also said Tesla can “augment their Minimum Business Operations” before then. Which is great because, well they’re already doing that.

This statement is a really handwavy way for Alameda County to save face. It’s really an admission that Tesla has completely won. Early reports have shown that the safety measures Tesla has in place are adequate.

Tesla knows how to deal with the coronavirus, as their Shanghai factory has shown. But all eyes are watching now, and they need to be absolutely sure they don’t slip up. After being so aggressive in reopening their factory, any minor mistake could become a major stain on the company’s image.

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