Even though the official announcement of the new Hummer EV has been delayed, we’re still getting a look at what’s to come. GMC just gave us some details, with pictures of a (simulated) interior. And it’s coming with removable panels for a unique open-air interior.

GMC just put up our first look at the interior of the upcoming Hummer EV on their website.

The First Ever GMC HUMMER EV has zero limits, and our open-air design provides powerful proof. For the unique open-air experience, easily remove the four roof panels and front T-bar to let the world in.

While this isn’t exactly the information I want to know about the Hummer EV, this open-air design could be cool. I haven’t seen anything like it on another larger car like this. The sheer height of the car and the thick crossbar over the top could make an open-air Hummer a tad awkward.

I don’t think removable roof panels prove the Hummer EV has no limits, whatever that means. It’s certainly going to be limited in either charge time or range if my analysis of GMs Ultium batteries is correct.

We’ll have to wait for more details about the actual technical specs of the Hummer EV. So far they’ve only given basic specs like an expected 0-60 acceleration in 3 seconds. But we can probably expect a more detailed look at the Hummer EV in the next few weeks.

We’ll continue to keep you informed as we prepare to show the world our revolutionary all-electric, zero emissions, zero limits super truck.

But I honestly don’t think the actual specs of the Hummer EV matter that much. It’s a big car, so I’m sure there’s plenty of room to shove in enough batteries to hit a 400-mile range. It will take forever to charge, but that won’t matter much to the people buying it.

The most important thing about the Hummer EV is aesthetics. It is a giant Humvee that used to represent the peak of huge, inefficient gas guzzlers becoming popular. Now that massive symbol of big American trucks is all-electric.

The Hummer EV is a big deal because of what it represents for the future of electric cars. In a few years, people are going to see these things rolling around on the road. And that has the potential to really start to change the average consumer’s perception of the EV. But people’s minds are already changing, and the Hummer EV might not come soon enough to have any impact.

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