With Tesla’s battery day delayed, everyone is hotly anticipating the future of battery technology. But CATL, the world’s largest battery manufacturer, has been giving us a hint at what’s to come. CATL has the potential to make massive waves across the EV industry with a battery that can last over a million miles.

There had been some speculation that CATL may have been working with Tesla to develop a million-mile battery. But it seems like CATL have developed one on their own since they’re planning on selling it to whoever wants it.

If someone places an order, we are ready to produce.

CATL chairman Zeng Yuqun in an interview with Bloomberg(Via Green Car Reports)

This is a pretty big deal for the many traditional automakers trying to break into the EV market. These batteries are only going to cost 10% more than the batteries we have today. And I think they could help automakers close the wide lead Tesla has.

Elon has been building a lot of hype for Tesla’s upcoming million-mile battery. The fact that similar technology will be available to other manufacturers will promote healthy competition. And these are high-quality batteries. CATL supplies Tesla with the batteries used in Chinese-made Model 3s. CATL might be able to help manufacturers like BMW close the range gap that Tesla has built up.

Such long-lasting batteries will be great for the environment as well. They probably don’t produce significantly more emissions than the batteries we have today. So they’ll pollute less per mile than what we already have. And they’ll be much easier to repurpose for home power storage.

EV battery technology has been progressing at a very fast rate lately. It’s exciting to think where EVs might be in a few years. And these million-mile batteries are just the first step.

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