Lockdowns due to coronavirus have thrown a wrench in many automakers’ plans. Luckily for Ford, their plans to launch the awaited Mustang Mach-E later this year. But unfortunately, their new all-electric F-150 has been delayed until mid-2022.

The Ford F-150 EV had been slated for the end of 2021. This is around the same time we’re expecting the Tesla Cybertruck and GMC Hummer EV, as this article from Electrek notes. So while the car being delayed a few months might now sound like a big deal, they will be trying to break into this market segment a bit late.

I don’t really think this will hurt Ford’s electrification effort though. There are other electric trucks on the horizon. But the Ford F-150 is the best selling truck in America, and I don’t think many Ford loyalists are too excited for the Cybertruck.

And Ford’s work on the Mustang Mach-E hasn’t been affected much by the lockdowns. They’re already back to normal operations with all 3 shifts. So while they may be late to the electric-truck game, Ford’s push towards electrification is still on schedule.

But the delay of the F-150 EV really is a shame. Such an iconic truck going electric will be a very important moment in EV history. I believe the F-150 EV is going to win over a lot of people who are skeptical of EVs. But that will have to wait.

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