When buying a new electric car, the last thing most drivers will ever consider is how the car estimates range. When buying a new gas car, you don’t pay special attention to the fuel gauge, do you? But an inaccurate range estimate can certainly flare up range anxiety, and Ford has a solution.

In an interview with Electrek, Mark Poll spoke of how Ford aims to fix the problem. Their Intelligent Range estimator can calculate how much range you have left based on things like the weather and your past driving behaviors.

Having a learning-based algorithm allows us to not make an assumption. We can learn from actual performance. It starts with the average across the fleet for that type of vehicle. We can then replace it over time with the specifics for how you use your vehicle individually.

Mark Poll(Via Electrek)

Ford wants drivers to have confidence in the range the car presents to them. No more second guessing whether you can make it to the next charger and no large swings in the estimated range. They take the route you’re driving into account, so things like going uphill are already incorporated into the estimate.

So instead of the number racing down while you’re going uphill and climbing back up, the vehicle expects that you’re going to use more energy during the uphill portion and then less recovering energy during the downhill.

Mark Poll(Via Electrek)

I think accurate range estimates like this will be greatly appreciated by those making the switch to electric. For someone who’s been driving an EV for a long time, the inaccurate range estimates aren’t much of a problem. Most gas cars don’t tell you how many miles you can drive, after all.

But you can’t just top off an EV as easily, so accurate range estimates for longer trips are crucial. This Intelligent Range tech should help drivers have confidence knowing they can make it to the next charger. But for the times you don’t quite make it, Ford will tow you to a nearby charger, free of charge. Range anxiety is becoming a thing of the past.

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