Nissan is set to unveil all the juicy details of the hotly anticipated Nissan Ariya in just two weeks. We first took a look at the Nissan Ariya concept car back during CES in January. Nissan has some of the best tech in the industry, and the striking look of the Ariya shows Nissan is ready to push things forward once again.

On June 15th, Nissan is set to unveil all the details of the new production model of the Nissan Ariya in a digital world premier. But here’s what we know already from the concept car shown off at CES.

The Nissan Ariya is a powerful EV with a beautiful, classic-style minimalist interior. The Nissan Ariya concept at CES ditched the massive touch screen seen on most EVs today for two smaller widescreens.

It will be featuring their e-4orce technology, an advanced all-wheel drive mode that delivers maximum power in all conditions.

Nissan didn’t give any raw numbers for the acceleration of the concept car. But they did say it would be faster than a Z-car, 0-60 in under 5.1 seconds. This focus on a sleeker design and more power represents a shift in Nissan’s EVs. The Leaf is a fantastic car and a great deal for the money. But it’s not cool, and it’s definitely not sexy. The Ariya is both.

I think sometimes people forget just how long Nissan has been in the EV industry. While they haven’t reached the same level of dominance, Nissan has years of experience developing EV technology just like Tesla. Nissan championed the CHAdeMO charging and V2G standard.

We don’t have any clue on pricing of the Ariya right now. But given Nissan’s reputation it’s expected to be a truly affordable long range EV to rival Tesla’s offerings. With an expected range of around 300 miles, I think they can succeed. We just have to wait until July 15th.

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