Things are going well for Tesla right now. They’ve absolutely crushed expectations delivering over 90,000 new cars during Q2 2020. TSLA shot through the roof, currently sitting above $1,300 a share. Those who have been shorting Tesla stock since the beginning are mad. They never had faith that Tesla could achieve greatness. They were wrong, and now Elon is running a victory lap.

He tweeted the other day that Tesla would make limited edition Tesla-branded short shorts to celebrate. A funny joke, but like nearly every joke that comes out of Elon’s mouth, he wasn’t joking.

Yeah, those exist now. You can now purchase limited edition Tesla-branded short shorts on the Tesla shop. They will set you back a fairly hefty $69.420. No, I’m not kidding. Haha meme number.

It’s hard to understand anyone who still tries to dunk on Tesla in 2020. This article from a few months ago talks about the fact that Tesla’s rabid fan base pumps their ticker up. “More importantly, Tesla has a massive cult-like customer following, and historically very little competition in the space.” But uhhh, aren’t those good things? Wouldn’t the combination of a die-hard fanbase and 0 real competition be clear signs that a company would do well? Why would you compare Tesla to one of the highest-valued companies on the planet, and then turn around and say those aspects will kill the company?

The Tesla doubters really deserve these shorts. I bet they’re long on Nikola. Gross.

But one thing this has shown me is that I probably shouldn’t have treated the Berlin mega rave cave like a meme. Because Elon is still talking about that. And if he’s willing to sell short shorts for $69.420 for a joke, I get a feeling he’s probably serious about building the rave cave.

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