We finally have a concrete date for Tesla’s upcoming annual shareholder meeting. Tesla battery day will give us a hint at the future of EV battery technology. Originally set to be held in April, the company talk had to be delayed due to the Coronavirus with no set date in place. But they just confirmed the date in an SEC filing, and we can see the future of battery technology on September 22nd.

We’re expecting Tesla to announce how their work has gone developing the technology to produce their own battery cells. In addition to massive potential savings through vertical integration, these new battery cells are likely to contain some advanced tech. We’ve heard a lot about Tesla working on million-mile batteries like those CATL showed off a while ago.

But aside from that, little is known about what Tesla wants to show off. They could potentially surprise us with any number of things, like faster charging or more range. Whatever they show off, it will give us a sense of the direction Tesla is taking the EV industry as a whole. Every other EV manufacturer works to get their cars as close to Tesla specs as possible. So if Tesla announces they’re working on a car with 500 miles of range, we can expect a lot of similar announcements from other manufacturers soon after.

The meeting will be held for eligible stockholders at their Freemont factory in California. For the rest of us, Tesla will be webcasting the stockholder meeting and battery event. Things are starting at 2:30 PM PST on September 22nd if you want to tune in. Otherwise, stick around and we’ll be sure to let you know all the most important details!

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Source: Electrek

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