We’ve just recently gotten a look at the future of Nissan’s EV lineup with the upcoming Nissan Ariya. With 380 miles of range on the top-end model and an absolutely stunning interior, the Nissan has a real winner on their hands. The modular platform powering the Ariya opens up a whole new world for Nissan’s EV offerings. And the future is big.

Nissan has invested a lot of money into developing their modular EV specific platform. They clearly wouldn’t spend so much money on a modular platform for it to only be used on one model. Half of their lineup will be electric by 2023. And they spoke with Autocar about the next steps they’ll be taking.

Just like the Ariya is a sort-of big brother to the Leaf, Nissan is going even bigger with their next offering. The next EV announcement we see from them should be an SUV with at least 310 miles of range.

With the massive demand for larger vehicles in the US, a larger EV is a no-brainer for Nissan. And with all the amazing tech we’ve seen Nissan show off with the Ariya, I’ve no doubt it will be a powerful car.

Unfortunately, we don’t know when we can expect further details on Nissan’s new EV offerings. But it’s exciting to hear that they are working towards SUV development. I feel like there is a lot of potential for an SUV from Nissan to prove very successful. I can’t wait to see what Nissan’s EV lineup looks like when it’s a bit more fleshed out in a few years. In the mean time, I’ll be watching closely for any updates coming from Nissan.

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