The Lucid Air, the first EV coming from Lucid Motors, is set to hit a very important milestone when it comes to range. An independent test has shown that the Air will be able to drive longer than 500 miles on a single charge. This absolutely smokes the 400 mile range of the Tesla Model S, and could set the standard for long-range EVs moving forward.

The standard for long-range EVs

Lucid says they were able to achieve 517 miles of range through many efficiency improvements. Though we don’t know exactly how large the Air’s battery pack is. It’s likely that at least some of that range improvement is due to a larger battery pack.

No matter how they achieved this range, this is an important milestone. Seeing a car with such a long range made me wonder, just how long do we need to be able to drive on one charge?

The best selling EV on the market, the Tesla Model 3, tops out at around 300 miles for it’s longest range option. Fast-charging networks are continuing to expand every year, so range isn’t exactly an issue when it comes to going on long trips. It’s a choice that seems a little inconsequential given you’d have to charge anyway.

But what if you didn’t need to stop to charge? What if you could drive for a whole day during a road trip without having to stop to charge? Just how far can you drive in a single day?

Most expert sources seem to agree that the furthest you should be driving in a single day is about 500 miles. While many of us may have driven longer than that on occasion, it’s generally safest to avoid driving for longer than 8-9 in a single day.

500 miles of range just sounds like a good number, but on the surface it doesn’t seem that important. But this isn’t the same as the difference between a 300-mile EV and a 400-mile EV. With the Lucid Air, the solo road-tripper won’t have to stop to charge. You should still take regular breaks, but you don’t need to plan your route around charging stations.

The Lucid Air will change EV road trips forever. And I believe it could spark a revolution in long-range EVs, as drivers realize that 500 miles really is the sweet spot. When you don’t even need to stop to charge, EVs will be even more convenient for road trips than conventional gas cars.

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