A bill is being considered in California that would lay down the legal framework for electric vehicle subscription services in the state. The bill aims to expand access to EVs to many drivers, including those with low-income. The idea of EV subscription services is very interesting and could introduce many drivers to the technology. Without the commitment of buying a car, range anxiety might not be as big of an influence.

While used electric cars can offer great value, drivers unfamiliar with them may feel wary of buying used. If buying new is a barrier to entry for many drivers, EVs will obviously struggle to grow. Many people might not love the idea of not owning their cars. But a subscription service could allow many more to experience what it’s like to drive an EV.

There are so many unseen advantages of driving an EV. There are clear savings on fuel, but also the quality of life features like one-pedal driving. But I do think there are other things to consider, and a subscription service might not be the best for everyone.

Driving an EV does require a bit of a lifestyle change. Plugging in your EV to charge overnight is extremely convenient compared to stopping at a gas station. But driving out to a public charging station is far less convenient. It would suck for drivers using these subscription services to miss out on one of the best features of an EV.

For those lucky enough to live in apartment complexes with EV charging, something like this would be great. But everyone else would have to install a charging station at home. For many, this would certainly be a great investment should they end up buying an EV in the future. But regardless, there is still an upfront buy-in to start driving an EV.

Hopefully, if this law passes these subscription services could help more people learn about EVs and adopt the electric lifestyle. I’m sure many of them will factor home charger installation into their pricing. And I’m sure the assurance that they don’t need to worry about maintenance will convince many drivers to take a look at EVs.

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