Could Range Extenders Make EVs More Accessible?

Plug-in hybrids represent a perfect middle ground between EVs and the gas-powered cars many are used to. They generally rock a range of around 30 miles, allowing the majority of daily driving to be done without burning gas. But they sport a combustion engine that, depending on the type of hybrid, can either charge the battery or power the car directly.

But these range extending engines are heavy, and take up a lot of space that could be used for more batteries. While 30 miles of range can be enough for the average commute, some may see plug-in hybrids as a compromise.

And so, in order to build a no-compromises, long-range EV many manufacturers are looking towards external range extenders. As reported by Electrek, Ford has patented an EV range extender meant to sit in the bed of a pickup truck. It’s essentially just a generator shaped like a toolbox that can charge your truck.

I think this is a very interesting idea. By making the range extender an external generator they can build an electric pickup truck without any compromises. It’s a full on EV, and those who need the extra range can purchase the range extender separately. Since it’s removeable, drivers don’t need to lug around all that weight unless they’re going on long trips when they need the range. Generators are very heavy though, so I don’t imagine it’s a swap you’ll want to do often.

Researchers at Tesla have had an even more interesting idea. They’ve published work on a range extender that can be towed behind an EV. And in true Tesla fashion, it’s all-electric. It’s a pretty simple idea really. If we’re limited by how much battery we can shove in a car, we can just tow more battery behind it. There is sure to be a limit in terms of weight capacity. But the flexibility given by towing would allow this type of range extender to be used by all sorts of EVs, not just pickups. EVs are actually really good at towing.

Despite this though, I don’t think any of these external range extenders will see the light of day. They are a very good idea, and solve the same problem plug-in hybrids solve in a very elegant way. But this is only a problem today. Battery technology has been making significant advancements in the past few years and isn’t slowing down. So while it is a great idea, by the time it would take for one of these to reach market I don’t think it will still be needed.

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Tesla Posts Massive Delivery Numbers In Q3

Before this pandemic started Tesla was riding a massive wave as electric vehicles rose to prominence. Then things got spooky when Tesla was forced to shut down their Freemont factory as the entire auto industry went down the drain. But Tesla held fast and managed to get Model Y production up to speed shortly after Freemont reopened. And they managed to make it past these obstacles unscathed, posting a profit in Q2 2020.

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Nissan Shows The Potential Of Bidirectional Power

Nissan has always lead the charge when it comes to bidirectional power standards in EVs. There is a lot of potential in use-cases such as vehicle-to-grid charging. Yet most other manufacturers care little to bring bidirectional charging capabilities to their cars.

Nissan has shown off the true potential of bidirectional charging capabilities with its new RE-LEAF. It’s a disaster response vehicle built to provide emergency power where it’s needed most following natural disasters. With a higher ride height and all-terrain tires, the RE-LEAF is built to navigate potentially treacherous terrain.

It truly shows off the potential of EVs in disaster relief scenarios. It’s just a Nissan Leaf modified for better all-terrain handling. There’s nothing special about this technology used to potentially power life-saving medical or communications equipment. But putting everything together in this package really shows off what can be done with many cars on the road today.

I get it, bidirectional charging technology is boring. But it’s a relatively simple technology with tons of potential. Hopefully the RE-LEAF brings more awareness to this technology and pushes other manufacturers to take a deeper look at it.

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Given our recent coverage of TSLA, you wouldn’t be blamed for assuming that things are going very well for them. In anticipation of their 5-to-1 stock split on August 28th, the stock shot up above $2000 a share. But since then, things haven’t been going so well for them, at least if you trust this article from Market Watch.

3 days.

Tesla stock has gone down for 3 consecutive days.


This article is one of the top results if you search “TSLA” on Google. I’m sure this headline has caused many Tesla investors to panic. This downturn comes after Tesla disclosed that a major investor of theirs has sold off a decent chunk of their shares.

If you are an average investor, with some stake in Tesla that you hope to grow over time, you should not be worried. I’m certain many users over at /r/wallstreetbets making risky bets options trading have lost thousands of $$$. If that is your investment strategy then staying aware of the day-to-day moves of TSLA is certainly important.

But this is not bad news for Tesla. They made a profit in Q2 during the middle of a worldwide pandemic while the rest of the automotive industry has been rocked by record low demand. They’re building a new factory in Austin Texas to build the Cybertruck.

I hardly think a 3-day dip in stock performance after months of growth is newsworthy. But I’m not short-term options trading. For those who are brave enough to dip their toes in that world, this information could literally ruin lives. I don’t mean to throw shade at Market Watch, they’re covering information that people need to know. But it blows my mind that this type of coverage is even required in the first place.

The stock market is wack, so it makes sense that coverage of it is equally crazy.

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Are EV Subscription Services The Way Of The Future?

A bill is being considered in California that would lay down the legal framework for electric vehicle subscription services in the state. The bill aims to expand access to EVs to many drivers, including those with low-income. The idea of EV subscription services is very interesting and could introduce many drivers to the technology. Without the commitment of buying a car, range anxiety might not be as big of an influence.

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This Weird Looking Box Could Save The World

Bollinger just announced their upcoming Deliver-E, a fully electric delivery van. We often focus on consumer vehicles that tend to have an emphasis on power with a sleek look. The Deliver-E is the exact opposite end of the spectrum. Its weird boxy look won’t excite anyone for the future of delivery. But zero-emissions delivery vans like it could do more for the environment than any consumer electric car.

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Why Tesla Won’t Let You Modify Their Software (And Why That Might Be A Good Thing)

Hot rod culture has been around for as long as car culture. Ever since man found a way to get from point A to point B, we’ve been strapping new things on our cars to get there just a little bit faster. But what if rather than say, swapping out a few belts for an extra 50 horsepower, you just had to modify your car’s software?

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TSLA Launches Above $2000 A Share

Tesla Stock Rocket

One year ago, Tesla stock sat at just above $420 a share. In the past year, we’ve seen Tesla secure their market dominance and overcome numerous obstacles. Their stock continued to rise as they became the world’s most valued auto manufacturer, hitting roughly $1337 a share late week. That over triple where it sat just a year ago. But after Tesla announced a 5 for 1 stock split on August 11th, their share price has rocketed up to over $2000.

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Why It’s So Difficult To Get Stranded In An EV

Becoming stranded in an EV without charge could be a massive problem. Without widespread mobile chargers or V2V charging, there’s little that can be done with a stranded EV short of calling a tow truck. Luckily, there are a lot of systems in place to prevent you from ever running your battery that low. And a new test with the Hyundai Kona in Germany shows that with some smart driving, it’s almost impossible to end up too far from a charger.

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