Accessories for your BMW i3

BMW i3 doors open in forest

Whether you’ve been an i3 owner for 6 years or you just bought a used one, these accessories could add additional functionality or a sleek look to your already modern-looking German EV.

Floor Mats

First we’ll start with the interior of the i3. While BMW’s factory mats do an okay job of keeping your car clean, they’re no match for purpose-designed all-weather mats. These TOUGHPRO mats not only look nice, but work well to keep your i3 floors looking pristine.

Kick Mats (Seat Back Protectors)

Are you one of the many daring parents who own an i3? Even if you just use your EV for transporting groceries and boxes, you can protect the back of your eco-seats with these seat back protectors. They provide extra organization with 4 pockets each, 2 being mesh. Aaand they come in 4 natural colors that should match well will any i3 interior.

Sun Shades

If you leave in a place where the temperatures rise to an uncomfortable level, you may want to invest in a sunshade. Not only does it add comfort to your i3 experience, but it will also save you some 🔋 battery life too. Any energy your car doesn’t spend having to cool down the cabin means extra range for your trip.

Fast Charger

This isn’t as much an accessory as much as the thing that will allow you to charge your i3 in 4.5 hours instead of like 15. This charger outputs 7.2kW of power, placing it comfortably in the “level 2” range of chargers. This is the one I’ve used for 3 years now, and I couldn’t be happier with my experience with it.

This charger also comes with a warranty of 3 years covering outdoor or indoor use and is highly rated for reliability among Amazon purchasers.

Steering Wheel Cover

Okay, hear me out on this one. No, the steering wheel that comes standard on the i3 isn’t uncomfortable per se, but it isn’t the comfiest thing to grasp all day either. This steering wheel should add some comfort while not sacrificing the unique style of the i3 interior.

And if you believe this redditor, apparently the 14.25″ version fits the i3’s wheel perfectly.

Valve Caps

You’re bound to lose these pesky things one day, might as well have a replacement set on-the-ready with mini BMW logos for extra flare.

Blind Spot Mirrors

For our last recommendation, we take driving safety into account. While the i3 is relatively small and nimble, it has some nasty blind-spot action in the back. These small mirrors attach to your factory mirrors and give you an extended field of view. They’re small and don’t take away from the polished look of the i3 exterior.

Cadillac Going All EV by 2030? Their President Says So

Cadillac Electric Vehicle

News is coming out of General Motors that their premium Cadillac brand is about to follow the lead of other luxury car makers and become predominantly all-electric at some point in the near future, potentially as soon as 2030. 

It has long been rumored that a shift to an all EV line up could be in the cards for the brand, and this was confirmed by the President of Cadillac, Steve Carlisle, in a recent interview with the press. He didn’t go as far as guaranteeing the change but did suggest that plans are already in place to shift towards mostly EV production within the next decade. 

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Used Electric Car Tax Credit: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

100 dollar bills fanned out

When I first started writing this article a little over a week ago, I’ll be honest, I thought the article would go differently. At that time the provision and current rules for tax credits on electric vehicles looked to all the world like they would be changed to benefit the sales of EVs. But in just a week since I typed those first words, things have changed a fair bit and the news is now not nearly so good. Before we get on to what has happened and why, let’s start with what I thought I would be writing about.

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BMW i4: What We Know So Far

BMW i4 in snow

The BMW i4 Electric Car is almost here and to celebrate we thought we would share a few details of Munich’s new vision for electric vehicles. 

Facts about the i4 have been drip-feeding out for quite a while, but BMW has finally stopped teasing and released a whole heap of information about their upcoming (potentially) Tesla beating EV. The new car will have an engine capable of 522bhp, matching their non-electric V8 engines, and will run at 390kW. It will be powered by a 550kg, 80kWh battery unit, that should be able to go for over 370 miles between charges. When you do need to charge the vehicle, the included 150kW charging capability will allow the car to reach 80% of its battery’s capacity within just 35 minutes. More impressively, it will be able to run for over 60 miles from just a six-minute charge.  

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Used Electric Cars That Offer the Best Value In 2020

Sales of electric cars are beginning to boom. It’s easy to see why, with subsidies and purchase incentives going hand in hand with the promise of zero emissions, electric vehicles are becoming a more and more compelling option for many families.

But even with subsidies, the cost of buying a new electric car is still a costly prospect. There is, however, another option. As with gas-powered cars, huge discounts can be had if you buy used. The problem is, buying any type of used car can be an incredibly daunting experience and buying electric adds even more things that need to be considered to the mix.

But don’t worry. We’re here to help you out with this handy little guide for which used electric cars are the best value and which ones offer the best features and benefits right now.

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Beijing’s EV Plan: Raring to Go or Accident Waiting to Happen?

Gray vehicle in a car factory

Sales of electric cars have risen drastically over the past few years. While it’s nice to think this increase has been driven by an urge to protect the environment by consumers and car makers, the main reason probably has less to do with a collective green conscience and more to do with our love for green money. China has seen the biggest surge in the EV uptake and it’s easy to see why, with China’s central government offering incredible subsidies to people looking to buy plug-in hybrid cars, and even more to those who purchase all-electric ones.

But are things about to change?

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