Audi Is Looking To Bring V2G Capabilities To Their EVs

I’ve been very outspoken about the potential benefits of bidirectional charging technology. V2G(Vehicle-To-Grid) charging could help massively accelerate adoption of renewable energy like solar without requiring massive battery pack installations. But up until now, very few auto manufacturers seemed interested in the technology, with Nissan primarily leading the charge with their CHAdeMO standard.

But it seems like Audi is looking at the possibility of adding bidirectional charging capabilities to their cars. They’ve partnered with the Hager Group to research the technology and released a fantastic video explaining how it works.

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Geneva Motor Show Canceled, the Global Effects of Coronavirus

BMW m340d driving on a road

While many of us in communities that haven’t been hit by the coronavirus may not feel directly affected, the economic impact of this outbreak is undeniable. Production delays due to the virus in South Korea could have contributed to Audi’s stalled production of the e-tron. Now, after a confirmed case of the virus in Switzerland, the Geneva motor show has been canceled. What effects will the coronavirus have on the electric car industry?

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Car Manufacturers Don’t Know How to Market EVs

Maisie Williams in Audi e-tron

The Super Bowl yesterday featured several advertisements for electric cars. With these advertisement slots being some of the most coveted and expensive it’s clear that car manufacturers see all the momentum EVs have gained. But despite the effort, it’s obvious that these companies still don’t know how to sell electric cars.

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