Could Mobile Charging Solve Our Charging Woes?

It’s no secret that gaps in charging infrastructure are one of the biggest obstacles in the way of EV adoption. While some local governments have taken the lead on rolling out new chargers, this can be very pricey. We’ve seen some creative ideas to cut costs, like converting lamp posts into EV chargers. But we need more solutions to cut costs and make installing new charging infrastructure easier.

One potential piece of the puzzle might be mobile charging systems. These have the potential to serve temporary charging needs. These complete charging systems can also be deployed more easily and for potentially less cost than permanent installations.

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Wanna Roll Out EV Charging Quick? Use Lamp Posts!

Rolling out more EV charging infrastructure has always been a difficult task. Installing new chargers is very costly. But there’s already a source of power right at the side of the street, lamp posts. And a street in London has had 24 lamp posts converted for EV charging. Let’s take a walk down to Electric Avenue, W9.

Quick and easy installation

The biggest advantage of lamp post EV charging is the ease of installation. Installing a standard EV charging station can cost thousands of dollars. Most parking spots don’t just have a high voltage power socket right next to them. But adding EV charging to a lamp post is easy, it already has power.

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