Full Self-Driving Might Be Closer Than We Expected

We’ve been hearing that full self-driving has been on the horizon for years at this point. With many failed promises from Tesla, and the release of FSD being constantly pushed back, it doesn’t feel like it’s ever coming. But we’ve gotten a new expected release date from Elon Musk. And this time, it might actually be happening.

We’ve known for quite some time that Tesla has been working on a complete rewrite of the foundation of Autopilot. This has naturally slowed visible progress on Autopilot, as the majority of work was being done behind the scenes. We have still seen some progress, such as the interesting traffic light and stop sign control feature. But the addition of that feature still doesn’t get us anywhere near FSD.

That rewrite is nearly done, and apparently we can expect the first rollout of FSD in 6-10 weeks.

This “quantum leap” could be very exciting. With the rewrite of Autopilot nearly finished, we’ll finally see all the work Tesla has been putting in over the past couple of years. Things like traffic light and stop sign control and summon were really just finding ways to push the limits of the old system. But with the new system, Elon says he can make his commute with almost 0 interventions. That is light-years ahead of what we’ve got currently.

But I am worried that Elon says “Almost at zero interventions”. Almost 0 interventions is still more than 0 interventions. I wouldn’t say it’s full self-driving if it still requires some intervention. That almost could be interpreted in many ways. It would only require intervention in rare circumstances, and Elon used almost to not imply Autopilot is a perfect system.

But I think there are real problems with an almost perfect system. I’d say it may even be more dangerous than an obviously imperfect system. People have been abusing the limited capabilities of Autopilot for years. If the system only rarely requires intervention, I imagine many more drivers will be act carelessly.

I could be worried about nothing. But if the new Autopilot system isn’t able to handle almost every situation safely, at least parking the car when conditions are not favorable for the system, we will have problems. I’m sure Tesla has thought of this, and hopefully, the system does a good job of alerting drivers when they need to take control.

I just hope we don’t see too many people falling asleep at the wheel. This is a very new technology and it will take time to audit it’s capabilities and establish regulations. Hopefully we won’t see too many careless drivers before that happens.

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What is Tesla Reverse Summon?

One of the most exciting things about Tesla is their continued work on autonomous driving features. Unfortunately, they don’t tend to be super useful. Smart Summon might seem cool, but it doesn’t really add any convenience and is not without its issues. Tesla reverse summon could become the first actually useful autonomous driving feature, allowing your car to drop you off and park itself.

Don’t we already have Autopark?

A lot of the confusion around reverse summon comes from the fact that Tesla’s can already park themselves. While driving slowly near a parking spot you can press a button and your car can easily pull into a parking spot or parallel park for you. This can be very useful for drivers who aren’t as comfortable pulling into a tight spot.

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The Model Y Will Set the Bar for Crossover Safety

Tesla Model Y Frame

Tesla has always been known for their top tier crash test ratings. How could the taller Model Y possibly live up to the five-star crash test rating of the Model 3? Today we’ll take a look at the advantages the Model Y has to achieve industry-leading safety. So read more to find out why we believe the new Tesla Model Y is going to be one of the safest crossovers on the market.

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Cruise Origin Shows an Interesting Future of Transportation

Cruise Origin

Yesterday Cruise, a self-driving startup majority-owned by GM, unveiled their first complete driverless car. A car without a steering wheel or driver’s seat is bound to be designed a bit differently than we’re used to. And the new Cruise Origin ends up looking like some sort of oddly squashed symmetrical bus with tons of space inside. It’s got a large sliding door on the curbside and seating for 6, with the seats facing in towards each other. 

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