What happened to the Model Y’s Tow Hitch

Model Y Trailer Hitch Panel being removed

With deliveries of the Tesla Model Y picking up in the past week, Tesla fans are left with one looming question about the car – what about the tow hitch? For months before deliveries started, there were rumors that the Model Y would be equipped with a tow hitch, or at least offer the capability to be outfitted with one. Funnily enough, the same confusion occurred when the Model 3 was launched. To this day there remains no way of buying a Model 3 with a tow hitch in all of North America, even though a year ago the option was introduced into the European Market. Will the Model Y face the same fate?

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Is the Tesla Model Y Good for Towing?

Model Y Front View

The versatility of the Tesla Model Y is perfect for adventurers. With its ample storage capacity and ability to fit a roof rack the Model Y should be enough for most things. But what if it’s not enough for you? What if you need to tow something? Can electric cars even tow? Today we’ll investigate the towing capabilities of the Model Y to see if this car is the right fit for you.

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