Electric Car Manufacturers See Future in Green SUVs

Mazda MX-30 Interior

Even with strong demand resting on car manufacturers to build greener, lower emission vehicles, consumer demand for SUVs is soaring. SUVs consume much more gas than smaller gas-powered cars, and SUV sales have been much stronger than these smaller cars. With increasing pressure to reduce global emissions, will EV manufacturers be ready to fill this demand for green SUVs?

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Fisker Unveils Their New Luxury SUV With an Attractive Price

Fisker Ocean top view

Fisker has announced a new all-electric luxury SUV at CES in Las Vegas, at a price that may seem too good to be true. Their new Ocean, sporting a comfortable, sustainably built interior can be had for only $37,499 before the federal tax credit. With the tax credit that price drops to a measly $29,999. This low price should make the Ocean a very attractive option among other choices on the market such as the Telsa Model 3. There are also many flexible buying options, allowing you to lease the Ocean for as little as $379 a month. For either option, if you are interested, you can reserve your car today for $250 on Fisker’s website.

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