GM Set to Take the EV Market by Storm with New Battery

GM is very aware that the all-electric future is somewhere on the horizon. And they’re taking big steps to make sure they’re not left in the dust. GM has been investing big in EV technology, and they’ve just unveiled what’s going to be powering the future of the company. This new EV platform might be one of the most flexible designs in the industry. Is it enough to keep GM ahead in an electric future?

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Car Manufacturers Don’t Know How to Market EVs

Maisie Williams in Audi e-tron

The Super Bowl yesterday featured several advertisements for electric cars. With these advertisement slots being some of the most coveted and expensive it’s clear that car manufacturers see all the momentum EVs have gained. But despite the effort, it’s obvious that these companies still don’t know how to sell electric cars.

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“Super Truck” Electric Hummer is on the Horizon


The Hummer has always been known as THE gas guzzler. Hummers are big, loud, and burn through gas. But it looks like that’s changing with a new model set to be unveiled on May 20th. We took a look at the possibility of an electric Hummer a while ago, and while we did say it wasn’t impossible I’m still surprised to see new teasers coming from GM. Let’s take a look at the new, aptly-named Super Truck.

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Hummer EV: Unlikely, but not impossible

Yellow gas-powered hummer

Picture this: It’s June 1st, 2009 and General Motors is announcing their bankruptcy following the start of the great recession in the United States. One of the multiple brands they decide to discontinue as part of the announcement is Hummer. Green energy and electric vehicle advocates worldwide jump for joy at the news. The gas-guzzler which had skirted EPA requirements for fuel-economy ratings due to its heavy gross vehicle weight was now headed to the grave.

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