Two New Electric Vans You Can’t Buy as an American

Mercedes EQV driving in Spain

While we’re still waiting for the Cybertruck to drop in the United States, across the pond they’re pushing a more reserved type of electric vehicle – vans. This is nothing new for Europeans, they’ve enjoyed electric vans for quite a while now. I promise we’re not just talking run-of-the-mill sprinter vans here. Just look at this Renault Kangoo Z.E., the most-selling model last year in Europe.

Renault Kangoo Z.E.

Well, Europe isn’t stopping there, just this month there have been two developments in electric vans for those living in Europe.

Mercedes-Benz EQV Van

Mercedes has recently launched the second in their EQ line of electric vehicles, the EQV. It’s not cheap, but hey did you expect any less from Mercedes? The base model comes to €71,388 (about $78,359) and is targeted toward families. The van is rated under Europe’s WLTP standards to have a driveable range of 418 km (260 miles). As I mentioned, this is only Mercedes-Benz’s 2nd vehicle in their EQ line, which they have claimed they will invest the equivalent of $12B into.

Mercedes EQV Electric Van driving in Barcelona

VW ABT eTransporter

No, we’re not talking about futuristic VW electric bus, we’re talking about the newly-launched ABT eTransporter. Before I say anything else, I have to talk about the range, 130km (about 82mi), abysmal. Keep in mind this van is designed to be fast to charge and useful for last-mile deliveries. While it isn’t the prettiest of the bunch and doesn’t boast the lowest price tag at £42,060 (about $51,000), it is a very logical decision for companies needing to drive through London’s Ultra Low Emission/Clean Air Zones. It has the added benefit of being exempt from the United Kingdom’s road tax (VED).

Taxing ICE vehicles for the very fact that they are polluting our cities, both with exhaust and sound, has forced businesses in these cities to get creative with their transportation. It then in turn forces automakers to get creative and provide more acceptable solutions for business owners, like the eTransporter. This is a great example of using taxes to incentivize R&D of new electric cars and in this case vans. One day electric vans will make their way to the U.S., in the meantime we can ogle at what the Europeans are able to get.

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Geneva Motor Show Canceled, the Global Effects of Coronavirus

BMW m340d driving on a road

While many of us in communities that haven’t been hit by the coronavirus may not feel directly affected, the economic impact of this outbreak is undeniable. Production delays due to the virus in South Korea could have contributed to Audi’s stalled production of the e-tron. Now, after a confirmed case of the virus in Switzerland, the Geneva motor show has been canceled. What effects will the coronavirus have on the electric car industry?

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