The Striking Design Inside The Nissan Ariya

When I first took a look at the Nissan Ariya when they showed it off at CES, the thing that struck me the most was how clean the cabin looked. It’s clean and futuristic like you’d expect from an EV in 2020, but it lacks the massive infotainment screen that’s become so popular lately.

Nissan has opted for a very clean, minimalist cockpit for the Ariya. That doesn’t just mean they’ve replaced buttons with a huge screen. They’ve got just the right amount of screen to give necessary information without flooding the interior with pixels. With 2 short but very wide screens I think Nissan has found the perfect middle ground to bring this technology into our cars without giving information overload.

Climate control is integrated into the wooden console as capacitive switches with haptic feedback. The buttons look very crisp and distinct when lit, but can disappear into the background when they’re off.

The center console is adjustable, with the ability to set profiles for automatic adjustment. Atop the console is a large shifter built to fit in the palm of your hand to encourage relaxed driving.

The cabin is incredibly spacious with a flat, open floor that provides plenty of legroom. The slim profile seats add to this feeling of openness. The minimalist design of the dashboard brings a futuristic, spaceship-like feel to it while the wood accents bring a feeling of familiarity.

I’ve spent a lot of time picking apart every little detail of this car. And I’ve got to say, I still have not found anything I don’t love about it. It carries the excellent value proposition Nissan’s EV’s are known for. But they’ve changed their image, and every inch of this car is absolutely beautiful. And the technology they’ve packed in the Ariya for the price could make it a legitimate industry leader.

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