Germany Is Aggressively Pushing The EV Industry Forward

The electric vehicle industry was rising at an impressive rate until the coronavirus pandemic threw a wrench into everything. This global economic downturn has been felt throughout the entire automotive industry. But with all the progress we have made, many people believe that there is no use propping up an industry of the past. Government stimulus needs to be focused on forward-looking industries, like electric vehicles and clean energy.

France was one of the first countries to push EVs as part of the economic recovery program they unveiled last week. Germany is following suit, with an even more aggressive plan to accelerate EV adoption as part of its 130 Billion Euro stimulus plan.

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New Mexico Bill Could Give Hefty EV Tax Credits

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Two different versions of a bill offering tax credits to new EV buyers in New Mexico have been making their way through the Senate and House. These bills are largely similar with a few differences. As many details are subject to change we’ll be focusing on the bigger picture with the bill proposed in the Senate to get an idea of what’s to come. You can read the full details of both bills in an article here by New Mexico Political Report.

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New Jersey Approves Hefty Incentives Program for EVs

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New Jersey is making a huge push for electric car adoption in the state with a new bill being signed last Friday that will introduce massive incentives for EV buyers. We recently reported on this bill shortly before it was set to be voted on, so we’re excited to see this new program going into effect. Today we’ll be giving you all the finalized details on this new incentives program and what it means for New Jersey EV buyers.

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New Jersey Making Massive Push for Electric Cars

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New Jersey may soon become one of the best places to own an electric car because of a bill set to be voted on next week. The bill is part of a push to reduce air pollution in one of the most polluted states in the nation. New Jersey and New York City are ranked as the 10th worst area in the nation for smog. Transportation ranks as the number one producer of greenhouse gases for the state, so this push to get more EVs on the road could have a great impact on air quality for people with asthma.

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Used Electric Car Tax Credit: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

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When I first started writing this article a little over a week ago, I’ll be honest, I thought the article would go differently. At that time the provision and current rules for tax credits on electric vehicles looked to all the world like they would be changed to benefit the sales of EVs. But in just a week since I typed those first words, things have changed a fair bit and the news is now not nearly so good. Before we get on to what has happened and why, let’s start with what I thought I would be writing about.

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