Cybertruck ATV: How Real Is It?

Cybertruck ATV "Cyberquad"

Electric cars and bikes are great for maneuvering around cities, but what about when you want to have some fun and explore dirt roads or even go off-road? Electric ATVs have existed in some capacity for a while now, but recently interest in them has hit all-time highs as is proven by the interest in Tesla’s Cybertruck ATV. But will the Cybertruck ATV, otherwise known as the Cyberquad, really push widespread adoption of electric ATVs?

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Electric Car Manufacturers See Future in Green SUVs

Mazda MX-30 Interior

Even with strong demand resting on car manufacturers to build greener, lower emission vehicles, consumer demand for SUVs is soaring. SUVs consume much more gas than smaller gas-powered cars, and SUV sales have been much stronger than these smaller cars. With increasing pressure to reduce global emissions, will EV manufacturers be ready to fill this demand for green SUVs?

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Tesla Stock Pushes Through to All-Time High As Demand, Confidence Soars

Tesla stock as of 12/27/19

Tesla doesn’t struggle to stay in the headlines thanks to its charismatic and oft-controversial CEO and founder, Elon Musk. 

But that doesn’t mean that the stock price always performs well and, indeed, Tesla’s stock price had become a point of contention of late as many expressed doubts about the company’s long term viability as well as the stability of the company. 

Those investors might be able to set aside their concerns as Tesla’s stock has not only posted a 52-week high, but also confidence in its leader and his vision for electric vehicles remains as relevant (and dominant) as ever. 

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3 Reasons You’re Going To Get A Tesla Cybertruck Anyway

Profile of Cybertruck

Elon Musk may have failed and embarrassed himself when unveiling his new Tesla, but that’s not going to stop many people from purchasing the truck when it begins production in a couple of years. Internet memes and jokes aside, you’re still going to see these trucks, that looks like a poorly rendered video game vehicle, out on the road in a couple of years. Why not be one of the first ones to pick one up yourself? You might think you’re not going to pick one up right now, but as the years go on, you’ll find some way to be convinced after the original debacle. Let’s take a look at 3 reasons why you’re going to get a Tesla Cybertruck anyway. 

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Hummer EV: Unlikely, but not impossible

Yellow gas-powered hummer

Picture this: It’s June 1st, 2009 and General Motors is announcing their bankruptcy following the start of the great recession in the United States. One of the multiple brands they decide to discontinue as part of the announcement is Hummer. Green energy and electric vehicle advocates worldwide jump for joy at the news. The gas-guzzler which had skirted EPA requirements for fuel-economy ratings due to its heavy gross vehicle weight was now headed to the grave.

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