Elon is Back On The Joe Rogan Experience

Joe Rogan announced yesterday that Elon Musk has come back for round 2 on his podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience.

Last time Joe Rogan invited Elon onto his podcast we got our first real look into what Elon is like as a person. This time around Elon is a lot calmer and seems a bit less robotic. We’re finding out what the hell is going on with Elon selling all his stuff, and how to pronounce his daughter’s name, X Æ A-12. Unfortunately, this time around Joe didn’t offer Elon any weed, so we can’t expect too many dank memes from this.

You can check out the podcast on the JRE website or your favorite podcasting app. Or you can watch it on youtube below. If you don’t have time for that though, don’t worry. Just check back here tomorrow and we’ll have a full breakdown of everything they talked about in this podcast.