Tesla Isn’t Making A 400-Mile Model 3, The Model S Already Has That Covered

A few days ago, Tesla hacker “Zeus” shared an interesting discovery, he had gained access to a Tesla Model 3 with a 100 kWh battery pack. This configuration would give the Model 3 about 400 miles of range.

But Elon says it’s not happening. Can we believe him?

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What happened to the Model Y’s Tow Hitch

Model Y Trailer Hitch Panel being removed

With deliveries of the Tesla Model Y picking up in the past week, Tesla fans are left with one looming question about the car – what about the tow hitch? For months before deliveries started, there were rumors that the Model Y would be equipped with a tow hitch, or at least offer the capability to be outfitted with one. Funnily enough, the same confusion occurred when the Model 3 was launched. To this day there remains no way of buying a Model 3 with a tow hitch in all of North America, even though a year ago the option was introduced into the European Market. Will the Model Y face the same fate?

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What is Tesla Reverse Summon?

One of the most exciting things about Tesla is their continued work on autonomous driving features. Unfortunately, they don’t tend to be super useful. Smart Summon might seem cool, but it doesn’t really add any convenience and is not without its issues. Tesla reverse summon could become the first actually useful autonomous driving feature, allowing your car to drop you off and park itself.

Don’t we already have Autopark?

A lot of the confusion around reverse summon comes from the fact that Tesla’s can already park themselves. While driving slowly near a parking spot you can press a button and your car can easily pull into a parking spot or parallel park for you. This can be very useful for drivers who aren’t as comfortable pulling into a tight spot.

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With a Tight Grip on the US Market Tesla Looks to China

Tesla Gigafactory 3 in China

While 2019 was a great year for EVs globally, Tesla completely dominated the US market. Subaru’s CEO commented that “The only EVs that are selling well are from Tesla”. And the stats back that up. Tesla car sales accounted for 77 percent of all new EV sales in the US in 2019. No other EV comes close to the success the Tesla Model 3 has had. And with such a stranglehold over the US market, Tesla is set to dive headfirst into the highly competitive Chinese EV market.

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