Tesla Is Having Problems Getting The Model Y Rolling

This pandemic couldn’t have come at a worse time for Tesla, and it seems like they’re having issues ramping up production of the Model Y. The Model Y started rolling off the production line months ahead of schedule. But in an email leaked to Electrek Elon confirmed they are having trouble getting back to pre-lockdown production capacity. Could Tesla be in trouble?

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What happened to the Model Y’s Tow Hitch

Model Y Trailer Hitch Panel being removed

With deliveries of the Tesla Model Y picking up in the past week, Tesla fans are left with one looming question about the car – what about the tow hitch? For months before deliveries started, there were rumors that the Model Y would be equipped with a tow hitch, or at least offer the capability to be outfitted with one. Funnily enough, the same confusion occurred when the Model 3 was launched. To this day there remains no way of buying a Model 3 with a tow hitch in all of North America, even though a year ago the option was introduced into the European Market. Will the Model Y face the same fate?

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Tesla Model Y’s Heat Pump Makes it the Best EV for Cold Climates

Electric cars are great, but no one likes the big hit their range takes when it’s cold out. A new Tesla Model 3 might not be the best purchase if you live up North. During the winter you could see your range drop up to 40% just running the heater. You should buy a new Tesla Model Y instead, it’s heat pump solves these problems.

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What is Tesla Reverse Summon?

One of the most exciting things about Tesla is their continued work on autonomous driving features. Unfortunately, they don’t tend to be super useful. Smart Summon might seem cool, but it doesn’t really add any convenience and is not without its issues. Tesla reverse summon could become the first actually useful autonomous driving feature, allowing your car to drop you off and park itself.

Don’t we already have Autopark?

A lot of the confusion around reverse summon comes from the fact that Tesla’s can already park themselves. While driving slowly near a parking spot you can press a button and your car can easily pull into a parking spot or parallel park for you. This can be very useful for drivers who aren’t as comfortable pulling into a tight spot.

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Tesla’s Range Already Smokes the Competition, and They’re Not Slowing Down

Red Tesla Model Y on Race Track

It’s becoming clear lately that Tesla’s battery technology is years ahead of the competition. Those who had doubts about the company have been proven wrong. But with many other manufacturers investing heavily into EV development, Tesla will need to work hard to maintain its dominance.

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Is the Tesla Model Y Good for Towing?

Model Y Front View

The versatility of the Tesla Model Y is perfect for adventurers. With its ample storage capacity and ability to fit a roof rack the Model Y should be enough for most things. But what if it’s not enough for you? What if you need to tow something? Can electric cars even tow? Today we’ll investigate the towing capabilities of the Model Y to see if this car is the right fit for you.

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The Model Y Will Set the Bar for Crossover Safety

Tesla Model Y Frame

Tesla has always been known for their top tier crash test ratings. How could the taller Model Y possibly live up to the five-star crash test rating of the Model 3? Today we’ll take a look at the advantages the Model Y has to achieve industry-leading safety. So read more to find out why we believe the new Tesla Model Y is going to be one of the safest crossovers on the market.

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How the Hell is the Tesla Model Y Going to Seat Seven?

Tesla Model Y White Interior

While the new Tesla Model Y is a beautifully designed crossover, we can’t deny that it’s really just a slightly larger Model 3 with a hatch. The Model Y only looks around 6-8 inches taller than the Model 3, and maybe just a little bit longer. So given the measly 15 cubic feet of storage on the Model 3, will it’s big brother be able to deliver the utility consumers are looking for?

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