Tesla Free Supercharger Miles Extended During Coronavirus Lockdown

When someone buys a Tesla using your referral code, you get free Supercharging. These referrals can give you 1000 miles of free charging. But many have been disappointed to find this charging has a time limit. Use em or lose em, as a reporter from InsideEVs says. If you don’t use all those free charging miles up in 6 months, they’re gone.

But now that many people are locked in their home, some are worrying their miles will go to waste. Not to fret though, as a twitter user has brought this to Elon’s attention. When asked to extend free supercharging miles since we can’t go anywhere, Elon simply responded: “Will do”.

Elon was very quick to respond, as drivers received an email saying their supercharging miles have been extended. This quick action is one of the reasons we all love Elon. Things haven’t updated in the software yet though, so it’s still unclear how much longer those supercharging miles will last.

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