Tesla Posts Massive Delivery Numbers In Q3

Before this pandemic started Tesla was riding a massive wave as electric vehicles rose to prominence. Then things got spooky when Tesla was forced to shut down their Freemont factory as the entire auto industry went down the drain. But Tesla held fast and managed to get Model Y production up to speed shortly after Freemont reopened. And they managed to make it past these obstacles unscathed, posting a profit in Q2 2020.

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Given our recent coverage of TSLA, you wouldn’t be blamed for assuming that things are going very well for them. In anticipation of their 5-to-1 stock split on August 28th, the stock shot up above $2000 a share. But since then, things haven’t been going so well for them, at least if you trust this article from Market Watch.

3 days.

Tesla stock has gone down for 3 consecutive days.


This article is one of the top results if you search “TSLA” on Google. I’m sure this headline has caused many Tesla investors to panic. This downturn comes after Tesla disclosed that a major investor of theirs has sold off a decent chunk of their shares.

If you are an average investor, with some stake in Tesla that you hope to grow over time, you should not be worried. I’m certain many users over at /r/wallstreetbets making risky bets options trading have lost thousands of $$$. If that is your investment strategy then staying aware of the day-to-day moves of TSLA is certainly important.

But this is not bad news for Tesla. They made a profit in Q2 during the middle of a worldwide pandemic while the rest of the automotive industry has been rocked by record low demand. They’re building a new factory in Austin Texas to build the Cybertruck.

I hardly think a 3-day dip in stock performance after months of growth is newsworthy. But I’m not short-term options trading. For those who are brave enough to dip their toes in that world, this information could literally ruin lives. I don’t mean to throw shade at Market Watch, they’re covering information that people need to know. But it blows my mind that this type of coverage is even required in the first place.

The stock market is wack, so it makes sense that coverage of it is equally crazy.

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TSLA Launches Above $2000 A Share

Tesla Stock Rocket

One year ago, Tesla stock sat at just above $420 a share. In the past year, we’ve seen Tesla secure their market dominance and overcome numerous obstacles. Their stock continued to rise as they became the world’s most valued auto manufacturer, hitting roughly $1337 a share late week. That over triple where it sat just a year ago. But after Tesla announced a 5 for 1 stock split on August 11th, their share price has rocketed up to over $2000.

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Tesla Battery Day Confirmed September 22nd

We finally have a concrete date for Tesla’s upcoming annual shareholder meeting. Tesla battery day will give us a hint at the future of EV battery technology. Originally set to be held in April, the company talk had to be delayed due to the Coronavirus with no set date in place. But they just confirmed the date in an SEC filing, and we can see the future of battery technology on September 22nd.

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Tesla Is Running A Victory Lap In Their New Short Shorts

Things are going well for Tesla right now. They’ve absolutely crushed expectations delivering over 90,000 new cars during Q2 2020. TSLA shot through the roof, currently sitting above $1,300 a share. Those who have been shorting Tesla stock since the beginning are mad. They never had faith that Tesla could achieve greatness. They were wrong, and now Elon is running a victory lap.

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Tesla Crushes Expectations In The Middle Of A Pandemic

Tesla Stock Rocket

We haven’t really been sure how Tesla has been doing for the past few months. They’ve faced large obstacles such as lowered demand due to widespread economic hardship and the shutdown of their Freemont factory. The rest of the automotive industry has been completely shaken up. But investor confidence remained high, as the stock soared past $1000 a share. Things are looking a lot more clear now, and they crushed delivery expectations despite all the obstacles presented by this pandemic.

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Tesla Is Having Problems Getting The Model Y Rolling

This pandemic couldn’t have come at a worse time for Tesla, and it seems like they’re having issues ramping up production of the Model Y. The Model Y started rolling off the production line months ahead of schedule. But in an email leaked to Electrek Elon confirmed they are having trouble getting back to pre-lockdown production capacity. Could Tesla be in trouble?

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